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My weekly Victoria physio visits became this regular part of our lives and became a full day family event for the next six months. Me and K (my physiotherapist) would start the visit off with me explaining my pain symptoms and then her assessing my body. She did some chiropractic style adjustments and wanted to do IMS. I had tried IMS in the past and with the experience that I had, I was too nervous about giving it a try again. At one point, the visits consisted of her going really deep into my armpits and me standing facing the wall and slowly gliding my hands up the wall. She told me that my body couldn’t handle me moving my arms up without my body shifting and getting jammed up and she could feel it as I moved my arms and so as soon as she could feel the shift, we’d pause in that position and she would go even deeper into the tissues to try and release them. I did these wall gliding exercises everyday at home too.

This one week I was in excruciating pain. I told K that she could do anything she thought would help. My back felt jammed up and I was desperate for relief. She tried doing a chiropractic adjustment but my body wouldn’t give, it was jammed up really good. She hummed and hawed and just couldn’t believe what was going on with my body and said “Okay, I know you are nervous about IMS but I think we need to give it a try.” I didn’t care at this point and agreed. My body released, she did IMS in my legs as well, and it felt like billowing clouds that relaxed and released a bunch of the tightness and pain. I should have known by now that different practitioners have different techniques and some are more skilled in these areas than others. I really wished that I had allowed her to do IMS way sooner! She also did some cupping with these silicone cups and was blown away at how my body released quickly from it. I had a similar set at home and she told me to try and see how my body would handle doing my whole body and then report back to her.

We had bought our own massage table, as I had often recruited my family to give me little massages when I couldn’t get in to see my massage therapist. Brandon set up the table and started cupping my body. It was so excruciatingly painful that I had to scream in a pillow while he did it. The girls were obviously worried and we had told them to stay in their room while I was trying to push through this full body cupping experience. When all was done, my body felt loosened up and I thought that this could possibly be my ticket to moving forward. Unfortunately, when it came time for bed, I was in a lot of pain and my body felt like it wasn’t stable. I reported back to K on how things went and she told me that was way too much for my body and to not do that again.

I had been apart of a Facebook support group for people with the same diagnosis as mine and a few people mentioned how much Neurokinetic Physiotherapy had really helped them. I had researched and tried to find someone on the island and more specifically someone with a level 3, but nothing popped up. I decided to put in this particular physiotherapy style in each city/town that I could think of on the island, which is when I came across this profile. He had a lot of experience but the one thing that really caught my attention was reading that he liked to help people that were told that there was nothing else that could be done to help them. I screenshot his page and thought I’d ask K if she had heard of this type of physio before.

I would get little bits of relief from K’s manipulations but wasn’t getting any better. The recommendation for treatments that the specialist suggested were an experimental surgery that involved screws put into my si joints ( the one I researched before) or to get experimental PRP injections. K had read my specialist’s report and told me that she felt that my body would possibly respond better to physio, if I got PRP done. She told me other than that, she was at a loss of what else to do. I felt officially screwed because even the hand picked physiotherapist by my specialist couldn‘t even figure me out. ”Have you heard of Neurokinetic Physiotherapy before?“ I asked her. “Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s your next step!” She replied excitedly. I mentioned the physiotherapist‘s name and she said she had heard his name before and so I figured that was a good sign.


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