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Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Though I would never wish my health journey and struggles on anyone or that I would ever want to have gone through it in the first place, I have found some positives out of it.

  • I have a greater understanding and much more empathy for those that suffer, especially those that suffer with the unseen.

  • I know what it’s like to be caught in the middle of a health care system that is lacking in many areas, especially for those with chronic pain. I understand why people turn to different alternatives and have more compassion for those people and less judgment.

  • My faith has been rattled and it has been a hard, hard thing to keep pushing through at times, and I have learned to have less dependency on the church (the physical building of a church) and more of a relationship with God. I know that we are all on different wave lengths of maturity and understanding of God and circumstances around pain, suffering and health. To give more grace to those that luckily haven’t had to walk through as much hard health issues compared to others or at all.

  • I’ve learned that I’m a fighter ( I knew I had a bit of spunk in me but not to this driven degree)

  • I’ve learned that there are so many different types of treatments and we are not a one size fits all.

  • I have learned to be grateful for the littlest and smallest of things and to not take those things for granted.

  • One of my counselors had explained to me that what me and my family have gone through has now caused us to have a more balanced outlook on life. Most people live their lives as if they were untouchable and like nothing bad could ever happen to them, until something does. My girls have way more compassion and understanding for others that are going through the hard. They both have said that they want to work to help those, like me, that haven’t had answers for a very long time. They know what it’s like to have practitioners that are duds or that are really not compassionate. They want to be the hope and change.

  • Moving to the island has been the best decision we ever made and we constantly feel like we are pinching ourselves, that we get to call this place home. We probably would have never moved if it hadn’t been for my car accident issues.

  • My photography has blossomed because of what I’ve gone through.

  • I have learned that I’ve got this one body and to treat it well. To feed it well. To take care of it and speak to it well. Because it becomes that much more important when a bump in the road happens and something gets misaligned in your body and how well you take care of your body, matters.

  • I have learned that counseling is good. It is nothing to be embarrassed about and honestly, every and anyone should see and talk to one, because it really is helpful and a good maintenance thing.

  • Being creative is important and a great outlet.

  • To rest is just as important as going and doing.

  • I’ve made many new friendships and relationships throughout the years with all types of different people that I probably would have never have met, if I hadn’t experienced chronic pain.

  • Who you have in your corner matters. Whether it be friendships or health practitioners or doctors. Build your team and surround yourself with people that are for you.

  • Protecting my peace and keeping my stress levels down are extremely important. I’ve learned that keeping this a priority in my life is something that I need and to not feel bad about it.

  • A diagnosis doesn’t have to be the end all and there is still hope and possibilities beyond it.

  • I know I’ve touched on this already but my friends have been this light in the dark for me and I’m so grateful for each and every single one of them. If we hadn’t moved, I wouldn’t have met a lot of them.

  • I get to see my husband more. Before we moved, he was constantly having to work or be out of town. Now that we have moved, me and the girls get to spend more time with him.

  • Cherishing my relationships with each of my sisters. I have found to have a greater bond and deeper love for each of them.

  • Though being in constant pain sucks, it’s given me that extra push ( and maybe a bit of edginess) to stand up for myself and has given me more boldness to speak up.

So, just like the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”


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