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Updated: Apr 21

*This Giveaway is now closed! The winner is Lauren Simons! Congratulations Lauren! Thank you to everyone that participated.”

This year, November 5, will mark ten years since my car accident. It almost feels unreal to me that I've been in this battle for my body for that long! So in honor of this upcoming anniversary, I thought it would be nice to add in something positive to commemorate it. And what better way by doing a giveaway (woot,woot)

This giveaway (worth $228 ) isn't affiliated with anyone or sponsored in any way, it's just me and some lovely little things that are either personal to me, that bring happiness and a pep in my step, and things that I personally enjoy!

To enter:

*Subscribe to my blog - (click link, blog, click login/sign up on right hand of page and sign up!)

**and tag at least three friends**

*Additional friends tagged and/or reposted to your stories, will be added entries. That's it! The giveaway will close on April 21 at 3:00 pm PST

*I will contact the winner as soon as it is drawn to get your mailing address, and ship the giveaway directly to you. No other personal information will be requested.

Included is a book written by one of my photography mentors, Joy Prouty, called "Practicing Presence." It's a phenomenal book that is meant for any and everyone wanting to capture moments in photography. It's so beautifully written and such a treasure of knowledge.

An 8x10 photo print, one of my personal photographs that I took.

Saltyface tanning water with a brush. Having a little color to my face, makes me especially happy and this by far is the best self tanning product that I've used.

A one of a kind, handmade embroidery hoop by my daughter, Layla, from @owls_nest_boutique

Flower seeds, some of my favorites - cupcake cosmos.


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