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Future Thoughts

Hello, to each and every one of you that has come along this journey with me and have taken the time to read my blog. I appreciate every, single one of you. I have more blog posts to catch you up to the point that I am at right now, but as I am up against hard possibilities, I need to start thinking outside of the box and look at the future. It's a long explanation but the gist of it would be, I'm in the midst of my treatment coverage being stripped from me, little by little, by the car insurance company. We are not sure how much longer we will have financial support and my treatment savings fund is getting lower and lower, as not all of the things I need for my care is covered by them. I do not want to have to put my family through the financial burden of adding my care into the mix again, as they have sacrificed so much for me over the years and it had made things very difficult on all of us in the past. So, I am trying to find other ways to come up with the funds to support my treatments.

I don't know when this possible venture will come into play but I wanted to get a feel if these things below would be of any interest to you, so that I could start planning. Please vote below, thank you!

If I were to create a product, what would you most likely be interested in?

  • Bracelet

  • My Photography Prints

  • Journal

  • Apparel

You can vote for more than one answer.


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