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Updated: Feb 5, 2022

I received notice from my lawyers that the car insurance company set up another mandatory doctor’s appointment with a Neurologist (where the doctor is paid by the car insurance company a couple thousand dollars to see me). We drove to Victoria and I patiently waited in this small office for my name to get called. There were many forms to fill out, including a form that I had to sign that stated I would never try to be this Neurologist‘s patient ever in the future.

This middle aged man came and called my name. We sat down in his office. He was very friendly which made me feel more comfortable. “I’m not sure why they sent you here to see me. From the looks of things, you’ve already been to a Neurologist and everything checked out normal, is that right?” I nodded to his question and he proceeded to ask the same go around questions that I was asked before by the car insurance lawyer and Orthopedic surgeon. ”Well, since you’re here. Do you want to make the best of this appointment and recheck your nerves?” “We may as well.” I replied.

He left the room and I changed into a hospital gown. The Neurologist rolled in the machine and explained the uncomfortable needles that he would be sticking into my legs. I had already been through it once before and knew that uncomfortable feeling all too well. When all was said and done, we shook hands and he wished me well. I felt happy with the appointment and thought it couldn’t have gone any better.

About a month or so later, my lawyers set up an in person meeting with me. I had Brandon come with me and had asked a friend to watch the girls because I wasn’t sure what this meeting would entail. We all sat down at this table and she pulled out some papers. “Keana, I’ve got some questions that I need to ask you regarding your appointment with the Neurologist.” I was a little confused and hesitantly said, “Okay, what is it?” “It states here in his report that he said you knew you had Endometriosis before you had your first baby. Is this true?” “What? I absolutely had no idea that I had Endometriosis. You can even ask my childhood family doctor, she was certain I didn’t have it either.” “I’ll need you to write a statement and sign it.” I felt slapped in the face by this doctor and couldn’t believe how dirty and dishonest he was. To make up something like that, I was not prepared. In his report he proceeded to say, “I’m no expert in this area but believe that all of Ms.Wiebe’s issues she is experiencing, is due to her Endometriosis.” I knew all of this was false and had even talked about this very thing with the gynecologist that did my Endometriosis laparoscopy procedure.

How are we living in BC and having these undermining, crooked things happening and no one really talking about it? Until going through all of this myself, I had no idea what the car insurance company was capable of doing and how they will go any length they can to not provide the means I needed, along with many, many others who have had an accident. I know, it’s insurance and we all know “the fine print” issues, but this is different when they have the monopoly and are government run. I also can't believe that doctors can be bought and will lie and be dishonest for a big buck. It's something that you see in movies and t.v. but I didn't think in real life, especially in Canada!


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