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Call me, “Sherlock”

We were constantly feeling like we were spinning our wheels in one spot, with the car insurance company. When we would ask for proof in the policies or just plain old "Where did that come from? What rule is that?" We were more likely than not, given the "I have to talk to my manager," and given the go around or "We aren't allowed to give you that information." This is where we decided that we needed to somehow dig deeper and get around all of this and find a loophole, because for goodness sake it was all of my medical stuff and all about me, why can't we have the answers?

My husband decided to do some research and found the Freedom of Information Act. This is where, if you've asked your claim specialist questions and they wouldn't or "couldn't" provide you with the info, you do the next step and write in very specific questions through a separate portal. And bingo! We were opened up to a whole new world (cue Ariel - the little mermaid- singing the song)! On top of this new step, Brandon (my husband) decided to request the employee handbook of this company and he got it! He figured that if he knew the policies just as well or better than these claim specialists, then he'd have a leg up. His job outside of all of this, requires him to know policies and legalities and know handbooks and regulations like the back of his hand, so he was in his full element which became a big asset.

Our first go at writing in specific questions was eye opening. We had also requested all of my medical records from the medical clinic that I go to, which included my family doctor's notes and any and all things, to see if there were hidden missing pieces. We had been getting two different stories being told to us - one story from my family doctor and another story from the car insurance company- and the stories didn't match. I had asked multiple times to my family doctor, " Is there anything that was said that I should know about?" Did they try to coerce you in anyway?" He always would tell me that he couldn't quite remember the full conversation and that he just needed more information from me to help back him up ( which we provided and he said he was more than happy with what I gave). On the flip side to this, the car insurance company told us that my family doctor was going back and forth with his support of me and that they no longer found him to be credible, and now needed to send me to a doctor of their choosing. We had been threatened for a full year by them that they would need to send me to an IME ( independent medical examiner), and then we got all of my medical records and the requested questions from the portal and it all suddenly made sense.


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