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I was still seeing the physiotherapist that did the IMS treatments, getting regular massages, and going to Victoria for pelvic floor physiotherapy. I was having a really rough day with my body. It was like my low back, pelvic area was jammed up and it caused a lot of radiating pain throughout my body. I had gone into see my physiotherapist and he tried everything he could to release my back but despite all of his efforts nothing worked. My range of motion was really restricted and he couldn't figure out why or how to undo it. He went and sat back in his office chair and told me that he was really puzzled as to what was going on with my body and didn't know how to help me anymore. I asked him if there was any little nugget of information that popped into his mind as to what he thought could be the problem. He scribbled down on his notepad this treatment facility up island and told me that he was pretty sure that I had CRPS.

I had only heard of CRPS once before from a girl that I knew from my hometown and it was definitely something that completely terrified me. I had a massage later on that week and I talked to my massage therapist about it and she said though she highly respected this physiotherapist, she felt that he was wrong. She had worked in a clinic before, that helped CRPS patients and knew the signs and symptoms and felt that it wasn't what I was up against. My heart felt some relief but I still couldn't quite shake it.

Months had gone by and I had gotten the phone call with my laparoscopy procedure date. I had told my pelvic floor physiotherapist about the up and coming date. She told me that she was really excited about my procedure and with all of the work we had done and all of her efforts to help, my body wasn't where she was hoping it would be at, at this point. I remember her looking at me with these wishful eyes and doing this hand motion with an invisible wand and saying, "I just wish I could wave a magic wand over you and you'd be all better. I'm really hoping that this procedure is exactly what your body needs and you'll get all better from this."

About a couple of weeks leading up to my laparoscopy, I got an e-mail out of the blue from a massage therapist from my hometown. She urged me to not go through the procedure and told me that her sister in law was becoming a doctor and was doing her paper on Endometriosis and how this procedure could possibly do more harm than good. The CRPS opinion also came into my mind again and I couldn't shake it. I shouldn't have done this but I googled surgeries and CRPS and it was beyond awful. I envisioned myself not healing and my body having this extreme reaction and having problem after problem. I was so in my head and started to panic and question if I should even go ahead and have it done. I called to speak to my nurse practitioner hoping to get clarity on the situation. When I told her my worries, she said, "I wish these idiots would shut their mouths! They have no idea what they are talking about. You'll be fine." She was annoyed beyond words and I felt silly talking to her about this, especially since our meetings up until this point were never rainbows and butterflies. Brandon reassured me and reminded me that we had waited a very long time for this and that maybe this could be it. Maybe it was all of the Endometriosis causing all of these issues and once they found and removed what needed to be removed, I'd be good as new. We prayed and prayed and peace came over me and I knew that this was something that I needed to follow through with and hopefully have a definitive answer.


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